Tuesday, August 31, 2010

save the girls

"save the girls"

this painting is about 16" square. i still have to build the frame, but i thought it would be easier to photograph without it, since my frames are sort of shadowboxy...and that makes shadows...

i found this old book a while back. i think it's from 1895.
it tells you all sorts of things...
like how to be a good wife, how to properly clean your teeth, or how to get rid of certain strange worms. mostly etiquette stuff...

i was reading the part about girls and how they should be taken care of so as not to turn out to be harlots. there's a few pages about boys too, but it seems the girls are higher maintenance...and if
you don't follow all of the rules, they will most definitely become a harlot. the book says "society forgives man, woman never". you better listen! ;)

that bit is actually titled "save the girls" and there is text from the book in the painting (if you look close...)

i don't know why i'm rambling on about this. i don't normally say much about the painting because i want people to make up their own story.
but that's that.
updated: framed!
"save the girls" "save the girls"

Saturday, August 28, 2010


i finally figured out that i could put a slide show of my work right there ----->>>>>
and i put my studio video up too, and my facebook page.
took me long enough, eh?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

and another new tiny painting....


acrylic, gold leaf paint, and tacks on wood.
5" in diameter

two new paintings


mixed media and found objects on wood
5" square

wake up part 2

"wake up part 2"
mixed media on illustration board
10" square