Tuesday, October 13, 2009

two new ones



mixed media and found objects on wood panel. approximately 16.5" square

"the burbs"

the burbs

mixed media and found objects on wood panel. approximately 19.75" x 25"

i think i'm submitting this stuff today.
a bit nervous :P

Thursday, October 01, 2009

dirty laundry

i had done this first as a photograph because i was just trying things out to see where they'd go, but the photo was initially done as a "sketch" for this painting.
but now that i've looked at the photo for so long, i don't feel like this is a "new" painting. but it is.
i just finished it.
just now!

so, here it is, anyway.
i hope you like it :)

dirty laundry

i used a larger photo so that you could see the details. the figure, the clothes line, and all of the dresses are raised off the panel so they cast shadows.
here is an angle view...maybe it helps to see.

dirty laundry - angle

and a detail of the grass...
i have to show you this because i cut out and glued every single teeny tiny triangle on there, and it can't be all for not anybody being able to see it! lol!!!!
i don't think i will be using teeny tiny triangles again any time soon.
grass detail

so that's that.
i've had a bad cold all week, but i'm really trying to continue working so i can submit these into a contest, type thing...
i have one more to go. they are looking for 10 images...
but i think i will still make more.

thanks for looking!!!!