Sunday, March 28, 2010

just a peek

just a peek...

i wasn't going to show anymore till it was done, but i can't help it...
we got a sink to put here and this isn't finished being stained/varnished...but almost!

Friday, March 19, 2010


ugh! i can't wait to finally be done and moved in!!!!

i was debating whether or not to show photos of what's happening, but i think i will hold off to make it a surprize ;)

i've started painting the other half of the floor....
the base cabinets are here and all of the cubbies and shelves are stained and varnished...

we put the extra drywall pieces up in the closets to make it look a little neater...

got more track lights put up!

we need to install the base cabinets, the sink, and build worktops and a big work table...but when the floor is finished, i can start moving stuff in.

yesterday was 2 months ago that we started tearing apart the old studio!
it's come a long way since then!

nearly there...
i have to keep telling myself to be patient.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

more stuffs!

i've been so busy!
and so have the boys!
they built me a radiator cover :)
i still have to finish staining and varnishing it, but i think it's supercool :D
(i should have taken that little wood strip off the top before i took the photo.)

radiator cover!

they built that yesterday while i was cooking dinner.
they were done before me!

today, more cubbies were made! they are underneath the first cool cubbie thing. we're not sure yet what we are going to put on top, so we just put the closet door there to get an idea of what it will be like.

still needs stain, and they say i will have drawers at the smaller top of either side, and maybe one long drawer in the middle. :D

more cubbies!

lots more staining for me!

i hope i will have some brain cells left after this so i can actually use the space :D

Monday, March 08, 2010


i didn't like em.
i tried to, but it was too much.
too frilly and too much of it.
i kept some of it, and i like it a little better.
it's gonna stay this way for a while. (for now...)

i changed them again.

here's a detail of the steps, but i can't seem to get the color right on the computer.
it is darker and more greyish brown in person.
not green. i think it looks green in the photos.


put the first coat of stain on the rest of the wood, and touched up all the stuff the boys did yesterday....

now i'm not sure what to do with myself while everything is drying...
must. keep. moving.


sometimes things don't turn out like they are in your head.
but that's ok sometimes too.

at first, i had way too much going on here. i might still...but i sort of diffused it a little...
i used metallic paint so depending on where you are standing, you see different parts.
not what i expected, but i guess it's ok...

the new stairs:


the old stairs...(again. just to compare...)

basement stairs

i want to look at the new ones again tomorrow and see how i feel about them.
then varnish....

the boys put one of the closet doors on, but i still have to touch up the paint and the stain...and also put the windowsill on the second window. (also needs to be touched up...)
they bought more wood that i get to stain and varnish (lucky me!) because they used up some of the baseboard wood for the closet.

after staining, i can finish the other half of the floor :D

hopefully, i'll be back tomorrow with more progress.
thanks for lookin and following along with this HUGE project.

Friday, March 05, 2010

stencils? stamps? something?

so that half of the floor is done. varnish and all. i can't wait to put my furniture there!

i painted the steps a dark brownish greyish color.
i am thinking it needs something on 'em. so i have been investigating stencils and stamps and whatever else i can stick on there to add a little something to em.
this is what they looked like before:
basement stairs

so now that they are just one color, it looks blah :P

i'm heading to the shop later to see what i can find.
i have considered using lace as a stencil and those baroquey floraly know what i mean?
i think i like this one...

we'll see...

i might pick up some copper paint, and i still have "the rust" ;)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

happy half!

half my studio is nearly done!!!!
just a door for the little closet, and one more coat of varnish on the floor!
i'll be moving some furniture in a little over a week :D


Monday, March 01, 2010

i did it.

i went and got the rust paint :P
i still have a few squares to go. just takin a break...and this is only HALF the floor, mind you! eep!!!

the rust:
"the rust"

NOT the rust:


i am really glad i did it. it does look much better, doesn't it?

while i was working away, the husband came home and put up some track lights for when i hang up some art :D
track lights :)

pay no attention to that little closet. i'm still waiting on a door...

still don't have closet doors on the other side either. i'm being told wednesday...i hope!!!! :D

thanks for all of you who gave me rust advice! you are so good. you really helped!!!

floor situation

i spent the day running around like a maniac, and arrived back home about 7:30pm.
i had this brilliant idea that i'd just go down and tape the floor out...even though i was supposed to wait till tomorrow (to give the base coat more time to dry).

tape the floor out.
that was the plan...

so i taped it this way...
then that way...

then i had another brilliant idea that i would start painting it.
i really think those varnish and stain fumes did something to my head...

so i started painting it...
(i didn't finish the whole floor..just a few rows...)
(please pretend that my baseboards are there. a little wider than the moulding around the door...same color though)

so now i have a dilemma.
i really think just a small bit of a rust-color here and there on the floor would make it look SO much better...
and this is where i need your help, please, because like i said, i believe there is something wrong with my brain...

here are my thoughts and in no particular order.

•it would look SO much better with a lil' rust-color
•BUT it's a BASEMENT floor.
•AND a STUDIO floor, even.
•so it is going to get destroyed here and there
•and there will be furniture almost everywhere (that will be covering the floor)
•and i'm mainly the only person who is going to be in this room ever.
•and it's going to make the floor take a lot longer to finish than it already will without the rust-color
•so should i bother?

if i were in my right mind, i would probably say no...
no, susan. don't bother. get your studio done and get back to work! nobody is ever going to notice the stupid rust color anyway...

but my totally sleep deprived, fume distorted brain says: SUSAN! get up early and run to home depot and get that rust color first thing! just do it! why not?

please help me and tell me that i don't need the rust color...even if you don't really mean it.
please be totally honest and tell me what you really think.
i can take it.
really, i can...