Wednesday, January 26, 2011

love potion

i just finished this!
"love potion"
it's about 8¾" square, and it's mixed media and found objects on wood.

i'm going to submit this and "all better" to a "love" show for february.
it's juried *crosses fingers*

"love potion"
more views:

"love potion"

"love potion"

k, bye!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

love and biscuits

i'm just finished two new paintings :D
and i wanted to show em to ya...cause that's what i always do ;)

this one is called "all better". it's (of course) mixed media and found objects on wood, and it's approximately 12¾" square (including the frame) [that's about 32cm]

"all better"

and some more views...

"all better"

"all better"

and this one is called "official biscuit business. (it's the same size as "all better"). because, you know, biscuits are very important!!! :D

"official biscuit business"

here are some other views...

"official biscuit business"

"official biscuit business"

ok. that's all...i'm going back to work! ;)
ciao!!! x

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

two new tiny paintings

i put em in my etsy shop

the tiniest one is "beeba". she's approximately 4" in diameter (10cm)


and here's "p.j.". he's a bit bigger...approximately 6.75" in diameter (17cm)


i have another painting finished too, but it isn't framed yet...

tomorrow! :D
(i think)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

phrenology and the way brains work

hello bloglets! :D
it seems like i've been gone forever... with the holidays and then coming down with the flu :(
and i started this painting before even then, but i'm just finished it now :)

it's called "phrenology" and it's about 16.5" inches square.

what happened was...
for mother's day last year, my husband bought me this phrenology head for my studio:

fowler phrenology head

i LOVE it! but it didn't seem to make sense to me. it's all organized and everything fits together, and i don't think that is the way my brains look.
so i made my own phrenology head that is probably more accurate for me.

here's some other views...


"phrenology" detail


i'm happy that the holidays are over! i'm ready for this new year! bring it!!!! :D