Tuesday, July 12, 2011


hello my little bloglets :D

i have had an unbelievably busy few months.
it is unusual for me, because i am usually somewhat of a hermit, and it took some getting used to, but i have survived! ;)

in march, my arty friend from belfast came to visit for a couple of weeks! we did arty things, and went junque shopping, and went to places like eastern state penitentiary and the barnes foundation. it was really fun!
IMG_1482 the barnes foundation

then i had the plush team retreat where a bunch of us plush teamers rented a big cabin in the mountains of virginia, and sewed and ate and laughed :D
plush team retreat 2011

after that, i went to ireland for a couple of weeks. my mother in law came back home with us for a few weeks too!
ireland 2011

i also went to some concerts :D
the love of my music life
(chris cornell. i LOVE him.)

and peter gabriel (amazing, as usual)
peter gabriel! :D

and after all that, i came home and made this:

forever more
it's called "forever more".

here are a couple of detail pics:
forever more

forever more - detail

forever more - detail

working on a few new things, looking to do a few new shows, and going to another concert! haha! soundgarden! i get to see chris cornell AGAIN! :D