Thursday, January 29, 2009

new shop new look new stuff

i have been very lax with my blog. it's embarrassing really...
but i do have sort of an excuse? (that is stretching it...)

i have opened a new etsy shop for some new paintings i have been working on!
i have been using found objects and collage. i am having a great time with it too!
i will post some pics here, but you can see the whole shop at
if you haven't seen my "old" shop, that is
when i work, i've noticed different cycles that i go through. sometimes i need to paint in oils or just draw an awful lot...and sometimes i need to be really messy...other times very precise (or as precise as i can be)
but collage/assemblage is exciting for me because i have to actually FIND the stuff that i want to put in it...or i will find something and a whole new idea will come from that thing.

i also want to try to use things i have made myself as much as possible,such as the drawing elements, or paint...or use photographs that i took myself instead of using found ones. the stuff i find i want to look used...well loved, as they say, or has seen many hands before mine.
we'll see what happens.

i recently went to an old train station nearby where i took photographs of old trains. i don't know why i love the old trains so much. there is just something about them. maybe it's that traveling on them allows you to take it easy, read a book, have a coffee in the dining car...better than flying with white knuckles wrapped around the armrests.

here are my train pieces.
down there by the train no.1533 down there by the train no.53 down there by the train no.3028

i hope you like them!!!
i wish it weren't so snowy and icy outside or i would be out walking around looking for more stuff to appear on the ground :D
spring is coming??? soon????