Sunday, February 22, 2009

the next adventure

yesterday was a pretty nice day. almost spring-like :)

i collected my husband and kid and we went for a ride out to lambertville, nj which is not too far from us and only over the bridge from new hope, pa. it's really lovely out that way, and they are both quaint little towns for shopping and gallery browsing.

however, i had a mission...a new adventure!

lambertville high school was erected in 1854. there was a fire there in 1926, which is rumored to have killed 150 students. i still have to find out how true that is...
there was another fire not sure when. there are different stories, but maybe sometime in the 70's. i'm also not sure when, exactly, it was abandoned.

it is featured in the book weird n.j..
there is a lot of talk of hauntings and creepy things, including some really cool chalkboard paintings (engravings?) these are from the weird n.j. link. i've read that they were spray painted on (why???). we didn't find them while we were there, unfortunately. maybe they are gone?

so, we went. the place seems to have gotten worse since what i had investigated online, and it did not seem safe enough to go inside anywhere...especially with my kid in tow (even though he is now bigger than me), i didn't want to risk it.
but it was a great time and it was fun looking around.
we took a lot of pics and some video.

lambertville high school

afterward, we parked over in the cute little town of lambertville and decided to have a walk down by the canal. there is the deleware river that separates lambertville from new hope pa, and each town has a canal. mules used to pull barges through there...

i had been along the canal many times in new hope, but never in lambertville, and to my happy surprize, i looked up to see this!

train spotting

i was so excited! i had to get over to the other side. but because my husband wouldn't dream of walking all the way back to cross over the regular bridge, we walked on to the old train bridge ahead. we were getting over there no matter what!

scary train bridge
seeing that the train tracks were so overgrown from the other side, that bridge hasn't been used for a gazillion years!!!! it was sooo scary walking over it. some of the planks were missing and little scraps of wood that someone nailed down were all we had to walk on...that, or the rails themselves, but i would have surely fallen.

i squeezed the bejeezus out of my husband's poor hand while my son skipped over the thing without a fear in him.

i made it!!!

and we investigated the old train.
train doors blue side
this was the side we could see from the other side of the canal...

then we went around...
train graffiti side lambertville
it was all colourful and bright!

there was absolutely nothing inside except for a few empty paint cans and paint splattered on the walls like some bad 80's t-shirt. jackson pollack style...

what a great day!
i wonder what's next!?!


GreenWorks said...

Oooh wish I'd been there! That train looks great! Haven't watced video yet- media player on for music and poor laptop would probably have a fit if I try to play something else right now! But I will watch it.

Thanks for sharing.

susarto said...

thanks for havin a look, maura :D can't wait to get over to ireland to see what i can find there!!! ;)

yoborobo said...

Great photos! So creepy - you're brave to cross over to the train car. :) Love the new piece.

susarto said...

thanks yoborobo! (i don't know if you'd call it brave! lol! more like determination. i am the biggest chicken!)