Thursday, November 11, 2010

"mixed signals"

finally!!! i had to use a regular ol' miter saw and some elbow, but i got it done!
this one is called "mixed signals"

"mixed signals"

i don't know about these photos, and if you can see or not, but that's a bee in the

the text is from an old spelling/reader book. one is about how busy and hard working a bee is, and the other one says they are dumb animals. which is it???
i'm going to vote for the busy/hardworking one, cause i happen to like bees.

i was also thinking about things other people might say to us.
some people seem to always point out negative things, others positive.
but when they are both coming at you, it can make you question yourself.

here's a couple more photos from different angles.

"mixed signals"

"mixed signals"



QuirkynBerkeley said...

I love it, Sus. Lots of thought went into it.

lilgreenshop said...

Love all your work and this is another great piece!

susarto said...

thank you both!!!!
and especially quirk! she gave me the frozen charlotte dolls :D yay!!!