Wednesday, March 05, 2008

frida kahlo exhibition

yesterday, a friend and i went into philly (it's not too far...) to see the frida kahlo exhibit at the art museum.

i am a big frida fan, and it was really exciting to see so much of her work all in one place :D

there were quite a few paintings that i had never seen...
including a really small one painted on metal of a little girl with a death mask.
it was a very small painting, and one of my favourites.

there was a whole section of black and white photographs of herself and family members or with diego rivera.
i think i read that they were from her own private collection.
some of them were written on by her, and i guess parts that she didn't like would be scribbled out, like a line in her neck or something.

looking closely at her paintings, i think she used really small brushes always...
and very smooth in most places, but a tapping of the brush to add texture in others.

some of the paintings i had always seen in books, were just so much more beautiful in person! all of the detail was just amazing.

there were so many cool things you could buy in the shop on the way out, but i just got a poster:

i'm going again in a couple of weeks with my husband and son. i think i will be just as excited to go the second time!!!

great show!


Heli said...

Heyaaa Sus my sumo friend :D I didn't know you have a blogger blog! Great surprise :)

I love Frida and I have never seen her paintings in 'real' but I would love to see one day.

...go see to my blog what happend to my quitting last weekend...


Yummymummy said...

YOU ,love Frida...never!!!! :)


Love the blog Sus!!

susarto said...

hi riah and heli :D