Monday, May 19, 2008

now that's GOOD!

when my mother in law came over last month, she brought us lots o' goodies from the motherland.

so, i had the opportunity to create my very first trifle.

purrrrty good stuff!
i imagine if i made one every day for a week i would have it perfected.
and i would also be very very fat.

my first trifle

my first trifle

if you've never had a trifle...let me just tell you.
it is fantastic.
and i can't understand why we don't make them here in america. OR EVEN have the stuff to MAKE them.
well, we have poor substitutes, but not nearly as good....

they have actual cakes called sponge trifle cakes. i suppose the closest thing we have is "lady fingers" meh.
you make jelly (which is the stuff we call jell-O in america) and you put in these cakes. you can add fruit...fruit cocktail or raspberries...stuff like that...
some people put sherry (i'm pretty sure it's sherry) in it, but i didn't.
after the jelly sets, you make and pour custard on top.
we can now get this custard at some supermarkets like wegmans (thank you wegmans!) wait till the custard cools!
i made whipped cream from real whipping cream and put in a little sugar and some vanilla essence and put that on top.
then the hundreds and thousands (jimmies/sprinkles)
and then you eat it till you think you will pop because you don't want someone else to come along and eat it all up!

i am now full and happy and smiley.
and i am sad because i won't get another one of these for a very long time.

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