Tuesday, July 07, 2009

the big catch up...

barn goodies
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jeez, i haven't blogged in an age.
i have been up to some new things :)

recently i went to an old barn that was full of stuff.
as a barter, the lady who owns the barn let me take pretty much whatever i wanted :D

this was a happy day!!!

i've been using some of the stuff already.

also, recently, i've been going on motorbike rides with my husband.
we try to find off the beaten path places, and back roads all the way!
i've seen some pretty cool things!!!

little house with barn

here's a little video of our 4th of july cruise...

last week or so, i was on the lookout for bird feathers for a project i've been working on...
i made a little video of that too ;)

it was a pretty cool place. that is, if you like birds...
i don't think i've ever seen so many different kinds of birds all in one place before.

i guess that's all i'll say for now...i have more...i'll blog again soon.
i'll try to be a better blogger...well, i always say that...but i really mean it ;)

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