Monday, July 13, 2009


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my dad has had a boat forever. well, at least well over 40 years. which makes it older than me. which means that i pretty much grew up on that boat. i love to go down there! i am a "boater girl".

this weekend, i was down there looking for some good finds around where they fix all the boats, and i was noticing all of the textures and colours on the bottoms of the boats that are naturally made by the water, sea life, time...

i think they look like paintings :)





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QuirkynBerkeley said...

No question about it, you have an artist's eye. These are beautiful!

susarto said...

thanks so much, quirk! :D

Kreativlink said...

Wow that's amazing! The first one I really thought it's a painting first. Then I started reading .. :)

susarto said...

thanks kreativlink! :D it's so fun walking around back there. you never know what you might find ;)