Friday, August 07, 2009

squirrels are bad. very, very bad.

if you know me at all, you know well...
i am TERRIFIED of squirrels.
to the point of it being ridiculous.

well, there was squirrel drama here today!

the boy threw a jar of peanut butter in the recycling bin with no lid. and of course there was still peanut butter in it...

so i'm sitting out there and i hear all this rustling around, and the squirrel is IN the bin with his head IN the peanut butter jar.

i went over (terrified, of course) and tried to scare him away.

he was not deterred.

dougal (my loyal pooch) was inside demanding to come out so that he could protect me from all squirrel evil.

my hero!

he chased him over the fence, but the squirrel stood at the other side of the fence antagonizing him. even went so far as to climb to the top of the fence above dougal's head.

stupid evil squirrel.
(that's the divil there. and me shooting from INSIDE thru the window)

while dougal distracted the evil one, i put a lid on the bin with a brick on it.
i brought dougal inside. (he was making a lot of noise)
the squirrel came back a few times, all annoyed about the lid and the brick.
stupid squirrel.


Heli said...

oh poor Sus! those monster still tease you? :)

Good that your hero was there for you!

susarto said...

yes! they are mean.
my hero is good :D

GreenWorks said...

Honest ... I am not laughing!

Frank said...

Sue, they taste like chicken! Yum!!!

Smree said...

LOL! Oh Su...I feel for you but I'm still giggling!!

The story was funny in itself, but that picture taken through the window?? Hysterical!


susarto said...


QuirkynBerkeley said...

Yay for doggy heroes! I promise I'm not laughing either.

Jeri Stuart said...

THAT was funny!!! Poor Susan.. don't the squirrels know to just leave you alone???

Hooray for Dougal!!! I love that doggy!

ArtMind said...

Poor you! But I did have to laugh too of course, does this make me a very mean person? ;)
Happy weekend to you! :)

susarto said...

ah, go on, laugh.
it's ridiculous :P