Sunday, August 09, 2009

ok, i hate them but....

more squirrel drama!!!
this one is crazy!!!

we just got back home from being at the boat.
it's a pretty far drive, plus we took back roads. that takes even longer...
dougal, my hero dog, was with us.

when we got home, we were all in the back yard.
i was inspecting these strange purple flowers that i did not plant and was wondering how they got there...
the boy was standing there with me.

the husband had just come outside and the dog was up there by him.

two squirrels were in our big oak tree, chasing each other.
they seemed to be fighting.

dougal was chasing them around the tree, and the husband was trying to throw things near them to snap them out of it, cause you know when squirrels are chasing each other, they are completely unaware of everything and anyone around them.

the squirrels went up further into the tree, and across to the next door neighbor's tree.

the one squirrel knocked the other one from a sturdy branch down below to just some leaves.
the unfortunate one was hanging onto the leaves for dear life.

the tougher squirrel dove down onto the leaf squirrel and knocked him further down, again onto more leaves.

the leaf squirrel lost his grip and fell head first onto our fence.

of course, he couldn't have fallen into the neighbor's yard, but he fell right into ours.

all woozy, he tried to slip under the fence, away from the eager jaws of my murdering dog.

not quick enough though...

dougal got him.

the squirrel struggled and was swatting at dougal's face, but dougal went right in for the belly.

he got him good. and squeezed.

i was freaking out and shouting at the husband to get the dog away from it.
i was afraid it would bite him or something and who knows if he has any diseases or whatever...

finally, the husband got dougal away.

the squirrel was there on the ground gasping for air.
i'm sure he's dead.

i know, i hate them, but...

that was SO disturbing.
(and of course i had to share it with you :P )

and once again, i skeeve my dog.
can you disinfect a dog???


Bill Martin said...

You and your sqirlz ha hah... sorry.
leaf squirrel=o
tough squirrel with the assist!

susarto said...

i tell ya...i have bad squirrel karma or something! what the hell????

really, i'm still a bit freaked out.

Smree said...

GAAH!!!! Poor squirrel!!!!!! :(

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Ah, poor Sus! And poor squirrel.

GreenWorks said...

Swear I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

susarto said...

you know what else is messed up?
i peeked out the window a little while later (after i wrote this) and the tough-guy squirrel was sitting on the fence looking down at his dead friend.

he sat there for a pretty long time (for a squirrel).
i wonder what he was thinking.

it definitely wasn't a nice thing to see :(

yoborobo said...

I think those squirrels have got your number, sus. :) Seriously, I can't be afraid of them since I had a baby squirrel live with us (his mom died, he was just a little baby stuck in the tree, I made the DH get him down. He was very cute, and we named him Sydney). On the other hand, I had to laugh because I drove home the other day and there is my dog, Sophie (a big husky mix) and laying next to her was a brown furry something. I'm thinking, dog toy? Nope, dead squirrel. She nailed him. A dead squirrel dog toy. I hope you don't have squirrel nightmares from this!

yoborobo said...

In case that wasn't clear, it WASN'T Sydney that she killed (we let him lose in the park years ago), it was a yard squirrel that got a little slow, I guess.

susarto said...

i guess it's a nature thing...but still...ew...
no wonder i'm pretty vegetarian ;)

i just may have squirrel nightmares, if i haven't already :/

yoborobo said...

Sus - I was just thinking, you should definitely do some art about your squirrel fears. You would come up with something awesome. :)

susarto said...

haha yobo! maybe i will! :D
i was thinking a little thing the other day, in fact!