Saturday, September 19, 2009



mixed media and found objects on wood panel.
approx 16" square.

i'm also trying to write an artist statement.
i think these are stupid.
if i wanted to write about what i was thinking, i would be a writer and not an artist :P


Blasé said...

My thoughts, exactly.

Also, you need to pick-up on your blogging just a lil'.

Peace and Love

susarto said...

haha! ain't it the truth!?
thanks for the comment!

RubyClover said...


Kraken said...

I totally feel you on the artist's statement! i hate writing those things and feel exactly the same way. look at my art and figure it out dammit! ;)

susarto said...

yep. it sorta sucks out the mystery, doesn't it? i mean...i want people to wonder why i made that and try to relate to it somehow. telling is cheating ;)

maybe i'll write a mysterious artist statement. ha!