Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm just a bad blogger...

so it's been over a month and i really wanted to be better at keeping up with this. meh.

i have some new paintings i wanted to post, and i'm working on a few more that will be finished soon!!!

so here goes....



about 24" square. mixed media and found objects on wood panel.
the little plane in the left upper corner is a little metal toy matchbox plane, and the number 3 is metal. it's a real feather, and a real fear of heights! (i also was considering whether or not a fear of heights could be related to a fear of success...maybe in a jungian world? dunno.)



mixed media and found objects on wood panel. approx. 12" square.
i was so giddy about finding the strong man card. and he was number 3!!!
and the scale has a small 3 in the middle of the star.
the little weight hanging from the scale is a fishing weight that i stole from my dad's boat ;)
shhh...don't tell.

stay tuned...more soon!


TMCPhoto said...

A little break from blogging s perfectly acceptable during warm summer weather, I took most of the summer off from posting regular features.

Your new work looks fantastic, I love the doll heads on the figures. It's always a pleasure to see your work

susarto said...

warm summer weather would be a great excuse! but seems i'm always inconsistent no matter what the weather ;)

thanks so much for the compliments! :D

Smree said...

You can't blog regularly because you're too busy being fabulous :)

susarto said...

ha! thanks smree! you're lovely :D