Saturday, June 05, 2010

opening night!

the opening for "off the cuff" was last night.
it was a great turnout!
there was a steady stream of people coming in the whole night.
sometimes big bunches at once.

it was a really great night, and lots of my friends/family came out to see...
even fought through terrible traffic to get there! (thank you!!!)

here's a lil' video and some photos. i took the photos while we were setting up, so they are not great (i was kinda distracted) but you'll get the idea ;)

here's my work:
my work

my work

my work

and eric frantz's work:

eric's work

eric's work

nicole tymowczak:

nicole's work

nicole's and my work (mine's in the middle)

and melanie piekema:

melanie's work

melanie's work

the show runs through june 28th. if you're in philly, please stop by and check it out!
2040 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA :)


Andes Cruz said...

yayyyy!!!!!!! looks like it was a lot of fun, with great work!

yoborobo said...

Wow, it looks great. I like your work the best. :) xo Pam

susarto said...

aww! thanks girls :D xo

lilgreenshop said...

Awh wish I could have been there. Looked like it was a lovely event.

The Mincing Mockingbird said...

Your pieces look STUNNING. Wish I was in Philly to check them out in person!

susarto said...

thanks so much maura and mince! i wish you guys could have been there too!!!

Thomasin Durgin said...

I love your work and it looks PHENOMENAL in the show - congrats!

susarto said...

thanks very much, thomasin :D :D :D