Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what am i, anyway?

Handmade Division Team's "talk about blog" time again :)
This means that the team is given a topic, and we each write what we think about it...
so after you read mine, please check out the other team's posts! (links below)

Junes's Topic: "Do you consider yourself only a XXX artist, or do you work in multi media application, and/or draw techniques from other fields to use in the on you're working in? "

I certainly work in "multi-media" but I don't call myself a "mixed media artist".
I usually just tell people I am a painter.
Then I have to explain to people that I am not a house painter, but a picture painter.

My husband argues with me and says I should just say "I'm an artist".

I have a lot of knowledge about different mediums from working in art supply stores all through college (and beyond) so I figure I should put that to use.
Besides, working that way comes very naturally to me (and I have an uncontrollable impulse to pick things up that I find interesting and stick em in my art).

I did, however, work for many years only with oil paint...and who knows...I might do that again someday...
I think I'd like to keep my label open so I can work however I want without expectations ;)

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yoborobo said...

Sus - I think 'artist' is all emcompassing. :) You can do whatever you want! I always have a problem because I write and make things and do art. So I have NO IDEA how to answer that question. I usually answer it differently depending on where I am. :)) xo Pam

susarto said...

let's just say "artist", so :D
thanks pam!

Andes Cruz said...

Loved your post Susan! :) I agree, labels limit us :)

susarto said...

thanks andes! :D

Jan said...

Being in the process of "becoming" ourselves daily, we are always changing!

Your last line is perfect, Susan! "I think I'd like to keep my label open so I can work however I want without expectations."


susarto said...

yay! thanks, jan :D

lilgreenshop said...

It's a tough call I think cos on one hand there is our self perception and on the other is how people perceive (hear) a title/description.

So yes don't be limited by labels - but at the same time artist has an air of authority, and dare I say consumer credibility, that aids online business.

Plus you do have an art degree ... I think artiste extraordinaire has a cetain ring to it :)

susarto said...

ah, maura! you make it sound so fancy :D hehe.
thanks!!! x

Amg-Arts said...

I remember reading about a dog called 'Bitzer' named cos he was a bit of a jack russell and a collie and a bit of something else...anyways kinda reminded me of my art I do a bit of everything so I think im a 'Bitzer Artist' lol :)