Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the best birthday ever...and stuff...

it's been a busy week!
friday was my birthday. i do not even want to think about how old i am...

the husband took the day off and after weeks of telling me not to make plans for that day, i was on my way to the "mystery place".
he didn't tell me where we were going until we got there.

i was delighted to pull up in front of the barnes foundation! :D
i finally got there!
if you don't know about the barnes foundation, you should!
it's a fabulous art collection, and a scandalous story!
it's going to be moved to the city soon, and it shouldn't be :(
so i have been wanting to go before it did.
it should be seen where it is, and how it is.

there is also a movie about it:

it's really good, actually. but also very sad :(

when we got home, the husband & the son had a present for me.

a new saw!!!

i'm back in bizness, lads!

we also went to my favourite mexican restaurant on the planet :)

it was a great day!


Erika Lee Sears said...

I loved that documentary. Think his collection is haunted? I bet it is... :)

susarto said...

i said it a couple of times when we were there! haha "you KNOW he's still hanging around here" :D
i wish he could scare the "movers" into leaving it there!!!

yoborobo said...

Happy Birthday! Mine was on Turkey Day. I knew I liked you. ;) xox!

susarto said...

happy birthday pam!!! :D xo
(i like you toooo!!! ;) )