Thursday, May 22, 2008

oh yeah!!!

c'mere and i'll tell ya.

i got my wii fit today!!!!!

first let me tell you that on may 15th 2008, i celebrated my 4th month of NO SMOKING!!!

but what i also did, (and for those who know me in "real life" can see) was to become a bit of a pudge...
i gained quite a few pounds.

i am terrible with routine and i absolutely have A.D.D. so any sort of thing that doesn't keep my interest is GONE FAST.

and i need to not be fat.
now, i was not fat before, you might say.
a little on the thin side even...
"you could AFFORD to gain a few pounds" is what i always heard...
but i now can feel my belly jiggle when i run or anything like that...
and i can honestly say...
i am not comfortable with that! AT ALL!!!

so hope for me lies in my brand spankin new wii fit.

(and maybe laying off the sweets a little )

so i went and got the thing today...
we set it up.
and of course the boys were all over the thing...
but i don't really know how to use the damn wii.
it's always set up for me when and if i do play anything, and i just have to try like hell not to die.

so i got to watch how to set it up.
we set up my mii for my height and weight...and SURPRIZINGLY it said i was in the normal range!!! but i did need to loose a few pounderoobees.
but my mii stayed the same.

we set pat's up.
mr. confident pat. (my husband)
it said he was overweight, and his mii got PUDGY!

just that right there was worth the $90!!!

my son is HILARIOUS on the hula-hoop thing...

i was trying not to laugh too hard...but it isn't easy.

the thing seems fab though!
i did some of the yoga (which i was surprized i was pretty good at) and some of the aerobics (running, step...which is sorta like dance revolution...)
there's all different things to do so you can't really get bored.

you have a little piggie bank that saves your long you have been at it...and the more you do, the more games you unlock.
it keeps a calender of your BMI (body mass index? i think...)
and what you weighed each day...
pretty damn cool...

i'm terrible with all of the balance games!
but it's just my first day...
so wii shall see!

wish me luck!
my goal is to lose 12.8 lbs. in 3 months


Susan, Frank, and Sophie said...

That's quite a lofty goal! At least for ME it would be. I'm impressed. I'll be lucky to lose 5 lbs in two months.

I'm terrible at the balance games too, but they're my favorite. I HATE the yoga and the strength training with every fiber of my being, but I'm forcing myself to do them anyway. They're so painful! The yoga positions always make me fall over.

Have you unlocked the candle "game" yet? It's pretty bizarre.


susarto said...

yeah, i did unlock that.
what the heck is it that he says when he shouts at you???

ian was pretty good at it, and there are things he got that i didn't that would try to distract him.

i don't really like that one.
it's kinda stupid.
(besides i suck at it ;) )

Absolutely Small said...

That sounds awesome! Please post how it goes...I have similar ADD like problems with all forms of exercise. But this sounds like fun. Best wishes with it!

susarto said...

will do claire :D