Saturday, May 31, 2008

i still love comic what???

i wanted to see speed racer tonight.
only because i loved speed racer as a kid...
but i loved/love comic books too....
and the people we were going with.....
well, i didn't think they would really like speed racer.

i didn't really think they would like iron man either.
but it was a better chance.

i wanted to see both.

lemme tell ya.

i really liked it!!!
i loved the cast!!!
i have this deep respect for robert downey jr.
i don't care what anybody says about him.
he's a brilliant actor.
and i think i kinda have a crush on terrence howard ;)
and i love gwenyth paltrow....and jeff bridges too!!!


it was cool and funny and stuff blows up.
i really liked it.
go see it!

next...speed racer?
or batman the dark knight?

i have a feeling batman rules.
christian bale was incredible in the last one...
and you KNOW i have a crush on cillian it true???is he in this???
gary oldman is in it, morgan freeman
and heath ledger????


oh and i can't forget michael caine cause EVERY single time we see him in something, my husband has to say "ELLO. moy name is moykal cayne"well, not exactly like that, but sort of...

it's really sort of creepy about heath ledger.
it's very like brandon lee dying in the middle of making the crow.
i loved the crow....

also....coming soon

new hellboy
(would you believe there is no movie trailer on youtube?)


the spirit

and the incredible hulk!

not really sure why they keep trying to make him so cartoony in films...
i'm not sure it works...but this one definitely looks a bit better than the last one. that was just bad.
they should be ashamed...

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