Thursday, June 05, 2008


hey, so...i'm on the etsy plush street team...which is a bunch of people who make plush toys (like me) and sell them on etsy.
you can go here and see.
anyway, there is a new project that came up where we re-create one of our favourite childhood toys...

i was really excited about this, (as you might know) since i just was having a toy crisis recently, and buying all my old toys up.
(i think i'm still going thru it...i just bought two unazukins )

i just finished my project today.
i guess i'm somehow supposed to put it on the plushteam blog, but i don't know how ;)
here's lucky.

lucky n lucky

that's him with lucky on his head.

his body is a bit roundy and not so sharp edged (as the plastic or the wood luckys) but then again, it is plush and not plastic or wood...and i also don't really know how to sew (shh...don't tell anyone.)

here is plush lucky on his roundy-own.

i don't really have a good ending for this blog.
i just wanted to show him to you to see whatcha think....


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