Tuesday, June 03, 2008

wii wii wii...all the way home.


today was my 13th day on my wii fit regimen.
and i think it's going pretty well...

13th day

and i think i actually like doing it.
it's just the turning on the thing that needs work ;)

i never do it at the same time everyday, which i should...and get a routine going...
but i HAVE managed to do it everyday for a week.

havent missed a day

i think it's impressed. ;)

i thought i'd make an update now and then to see if this thing is really working...

the more things you do, the more you earn...so if you keep working, you unlock new exercises, PLUS you get more wii credit in your piggie.
i have found a couple of the yoga exercises to be favourites...a couple of strength (mostly for torso and abs) and the step and the boxing.

these are just my favourites, as i completely suck at any of the balance games.
i haven't even tried some of them because i'm just that bad.
although, when i started out, i think i could only get 5 soccer balls with my head.
and i think my personal best now is 80? of course pat's is over 300 :P
he's got to rub it in...

but while he was away on a motorbike trip, i got really good at boxing...(well, for a beginner, like....) and tonight he tried it (i suppose because nobody else can be winning ;) )
but he was awful! haha!
and a poor sport too cause he turned it off in the middle of it, so his score wouldn't be kept.
tsk, tsk.
sore loser.

and of course i have to gloat because i NEVER beat him at anything!!!

(insert sinister laugh here)

boxing champion of the house

also, i'm trying to figure out if what you're wearing effects your bmi stuff.
it asks you when you begin for the day if your clothes are light, heavy, or other...whatever other is...but i've been trying all the different ones.
i think when i say i have light clothes on (shorts and a t-shirt) it seems to always say i gained a little.


i like that you can see the chart of your weight and that it tells you every time how much you have till you reach your goal.

bmi chart

i'm going to keep at this.

it took me 4 months to get like this, so i guess it won't come off so quick, eh?
btw, for the record, my "normal" area is looking a little bleak....
i mean if i gain just a couple of pounds, i'll be in the overweight area!

and you KNOW i can't have a pudgy wii.
i'll never hear the end of it after the slagging i gave pat! eep!!!


maurac said...

LOL! Just a wee bit psychotic though ;)

WTG champ!

Mosaicroro said...

sweet!!!! i love it when girls kick guys butts at something they should be good at!!!!! good job!

susarto said...


you know what it is, though???
it's the footwork.
it takes practice.

you don't just go in there punching stuff...
you have to have some sort of rythym and step right, step back while you're punching left or right.

it does get pretty confusing and you would lose your footing.

eh...it was only his first time.
i'm sure he'll pass me out soon!!!

i just have to gloat while i can :D

I Heart That! Dance said...

Yay! I totally did not realize until this exact moment that you had a blog!

I must've known, but still!

and you don't look psychotic, just victorious!! :D

Susan, Frank, and Sophie said...

Good for you sus!!! I was getting good at the boxing until yesterday when it changed to advanced mode or something and it got really complicated. My footwork totally sucked. But it's fun though! :)

susarto said...

sus...this was advanced...the footwork IS tricky!!!!
keep with it...you'll get better!!!