Tuesday, June 03, 2008


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i'm really questioning my sanity.

i have been going through a major toy crisis these days.
desperate to get back some of the old toys i used to play with....

i even bought a few.

today i was putzing around on etsy, when on the front page i saw a plushie doll with these little weeble type dolls behind it.

i fell in love.
(not with the poor girl's plushie, mind you :( sorry...)

i searched frantically to find out what they were and discovered that they are not so easy to find...


i discovered that not only are they really, really cute, but their heads nod "yes" or "no" when you ask it a question...sort of like the magic 8 ball, but MUCH cuter...


i did buy one from a website today, but it does not let you pick which one you will get.
and i am SO partial to certain ones.

but i got one anyway.
(shhh...don't tell my husband)

i begged him to buy me one that i really want from ebay.
where it costs twice as much!

i hate how sometimes ebay just has you by the cojones...

i cannot wait to get it, and if you'd like to know your future, i will be taking questions for the great unazukin ;)

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Susan, Frank, and Sophie said...

How could you HELP it? They're terribly adorable! And the whole answering questions thing... come on. How could you say no, really? ;) I'll be expecting to see pictures when your little unazukin arrives. I'll have my list of questions ready.