Monday, March 08, 2010


sometimes things don't turn out like they are in your head.
but that's ok sometimes too.

at first, i had way too much going on here. i might still...but i sort of diffused it a little...
i used metallic paint so depending on where you are standing, you see different parts.
not what i expected, but i guess it's ok...

the new stairs:


the old stairs...(again. just to compare...)

basement stairs

i want to look at the new ones again tomorrow and see how i feel about them.
then varnish....

the boys put one of the closet doors on, but i still have to touch up the paint and the stain...and also put the windowsill on the second window. (also needs to be touched up...)
they bought more wood that i get to stain and varnish (lucky me!) because they used up some of the baseboard wood for the closet.

after staining, i can finish the other half of the floor :D

hopefully, i'll be back tomorrow with more progress.
thanks for lookin and following along with this HUGE project.

1 comment:

GreenWorks said...

I like them lots more than the old ones - but then I don't like lines too much :)

Agree with Rubes idea on using some crackle (I was just thinking some whitish muted stencils in the mix) and when they're varnished they'll have a whole other patina and look brilliant.