Wednesday, March 10, 2010

more stuffs!

i've been so busy!
and so have the boys!
they built me a radiator cover :)
i still have to finish staining and varnishing it, but i think it's supercool :D
(i should have taken that little wood strip off the top before i took the photo.)

radiator cover!

they built that yesterday while i was cooking dinner.
they were done before me!

today, more cubbies were made! they are underneath the first cool cubbie thing. we're not sure yet what we are going to put on top, so we just put the closet door there to get an idea of what it will be like.

still needs stain, and they say i will have drawers at the smaller top of either side, and maybe one long drawer in the middle. :D

more cubbies!

lots more staining for me!

i hope i will have some brain cells left after this so i can actually use the space :D


Amg-Arts said...

Each time I check out your blog about your studio I get more and more jealous!!! :)

susarto said...

aww...thanks ann :)
i've been waiting a very long time for this!!!

GreenWorks said...

(daydreaming) it's going to be such a great space to work in - cubbies and a place for everything and worktops for everything. Will be totally worth all this hard work.

MySerenityWay said...

You are just going to love all the cubbies for storage. Can't wait to see you at work in that new studio.

susarto said...

thanks maura and cath. i can't wait to move in!!!! so close, yet still so far :P