Thursday, September 30, 2010


it's finished! it took me a while, and kept me away from the computer ;)
but it's finished!!!

meet my new painting, "broken"
it's about 24.5" square.
mixed media and found objects on wood.


i've taken some detail shots because they are sort of hard to see in the main photo...

"broken" detail 3

"broken" detail 2

"broken" detail 1

the drawing is raised so that depending on the light, there is a shadow of the image behind it.

thanks for looking! i hope you like it :)


Adriana said...


susarto said...

thank you, adriana :)

WATTO said...

Gorgeous amazing work. I'd forgotten about diaramas, they were my favorite as well. Great to see how it led you to where you are now!

susarto said...

thank you!!! :D