Wednesday, September 15, 2010



i was thinking about things.
things we buy that we think we need. they don't last. they aren't made well.
they are cheap, but not inexpensive.
mass produced.
they break, and we have to buy a new one.
things that we eat.
where is it coming from? what is *in* it?
mass produced.
i just read a BIG GIANT list about preservatives, food colorings and other stuff put in foods that were BANNED in europe but not in america. WHY?
why is it ok for us to eat it?
i also read about someone who was questioning what happened to "recalled" beef.
they found out that "it depends on why it was recalled"
some of it is cooked and sold in canned/frozen ready to eat food.
some of it is put in OUR KID'S school lunches!!!!
it's all about money, i suppose. and greed.
sickening, isn't it?


Ruby Clover said...

omg!! re-used recalled meats?!!? that's outlandish and so scary. I'll think twice next time I buy a can of Dinty Moore beef stew. Not that I've bought one ever, but...I'll think twice anyway

Love the artwork too :)

Dawn Hitchcock said...

That's so sick!! Makes you want to give up eating meat all together.

Cute piggy piece Sus :)

lilgreenshop said...

The whole food production business is out of control and scary - rent/watch Food Inc for an excellent opening expose:

susarto said...

thanks girls! :D

i've seen food inc! i'm afraid to eat ANYTHING!!!! i try to buy organic stuff as much as possible!

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Wonderful new painting. SHocking news!