Saturday, September 04, 2010

feeding the pig

feeding the pig

i found this photograph in a big huge old books/paper/posters type place that is way too expensive and i wish they weren't.
i love the photo. it is really blurry and sort of just a bad photo in general, but i like it anyway.
on the back it says "they were feeding the pig you can't see the pig very well, but i think Larry looks just like you"
i thought it was so random.
i love random. turned into this painting.

i always feel bad for pigs. i happen to personally like them very much, and i hate to think that they will end up being somebody's dinner.

i painted the sides of this to hang as is, but i'd like a frame instead.
seems i need to go buy some framing wood, as i'm making stuff and have nothing to frame it with :P
i'm talking too much.

updated: framed it! :D
"feeding the pig" "feeding the pig"


Joe's blog said...

I like it...good idea.

susarto said...

thank you, joe :)

lilgreenshop said...

Wonders if the pig was called Larry? :)

Cool new piece Susan - always so much in your artwork to explore.

Erika Lee Sears said...

I always feel bad for pigs too because they seem so carefree and full of charm. :)

I love the balance of the piece- all of the elements come together nicely.

susarto said...

thanks, erika!
i think what did it for me with the pigs was the movie babe :D
i loved that movie.

had a look at your paintings...nice work!