Thursday, February 11, 2010

everything is white.

i have been painting the studio.
because i want it to be nice and bright and not so basementy.

studio progress

it has been snowing and snowing.
and everything outside is white too.

it's almost like a dr. seuss world.
(everything is also blurry. i just want to get a shower and go to bed...)

i think tonight i will dream about colors.

i am finished painting the walls, though i might have to put a little more paint on the ceiling at the end cause i didn't have enough for 2 coats.
but it still looks pretty good...

studio progress!

tomorrow i will move EVERYTHING to the front of the basement and start on the floor...
but it will not be easy because i have so much stuff in there still...
the last time i painted the floor, it was summer, and i put everything outside.
i can't do that in this snow...

i'm really starting to get buggy about not painting anything, so we better move along and get this done...

and did i mention i have lights?
lookit em all!!!! :D

(my apologies if this blog post is incoherent. i am not even going to proofread it...i have got to go away. ciao. xo)


QuirkynBerkeley said...

It's looking great!

GreenWorks said...

It's looking lovely Sus! Great lights too.

susarto said...

thanks girlies :D xo