Wednesday, February 03, 2010


this has been a really busy week.
besides schlepping art to galleries, and dog to vets, and domestic duties, the studio is still being worked on...

it doesn't look too much different from the last pics because it's mainly just spackling.
the lights, however, the new ones, have been put in :)
now we just need switches and we're sunshine!

i'll be sanding today, because i was told that i might be able to start priming the walls for paint on thursday.

that would be great!

i have paintings in two galleries that open this weekend, so it will be a little crazy around here, working on the studio between.

friday opens highwire gallery's "devotion" show. they are showing my painting "capture".

and sunday, the plastic club has my "mine" and "the letter".

i hope there will be no more snow for the weekend.
*crosses fingers*


Amg-Arts said...

...moving in date is getting closer! :)

Good luck with the Galleries!


susarto said...

thanks ann! i'm pretty sure friday's opening is going to get snowed out :(