Friday, February 12, 2010

concrete basement floor

a few years ago (maybe many) when we bought this house, there were those green (probably asbestos) tiles (with the little colored chips)
on the basement floor. my husband and my neighbor started chipping them up when the neighbor suddenly suggested that they may be asbestos.
so they stopped.

i was working down there for a while with this half chipped off floor, and IF it WAS asbestos, i was thinking...
"this is no good, i'm working down here kicking all this stuff around..."
and we couldn't be sure if it was anyway, unless we paid some ridiculous amount of money to have it tested...
so either way, the damage was done and i decided to tear them all out and be done with them forever.
(i know. i could die. but i will someday anyway...)

that was terrible.
i wish they hadn't started chipping away so that we could have just put a new floor on top...but what can you do?

anyway, underneath those disgusting tiles was even more disgusting goop that held the tiles on there forever and ever.

i had to use adhesive remover and scrape and scrape.

then i primed the floor and painted it to make it look like tiles...

this is when it was new (and i actually had some room in there)
basement studio

we have been working on the floor and banging it up, but it still held up pretty good!

goodbye old floor

i've been trying to read up and find out if i needed to prime it again, and i asked the "all knowledgeable home depot fella" what he thought...
i eventually decided to just paint a base color on top of what was there. (after sanding and sweeping and mopping of course)

floor base coat

you can't really tell, but it's a "silver grey". i can only do half the room at a time because of all of the stuff. (i think i said that before?)

then i'll tape it out and faux finish it.

i'm going to use a dark brownish grey on top and hopefully they will sorta look like tiles.

faux finishing really helps hide a lot of imperfections and little ews and whosiwhatsits that happen to floors...

this is going to take forever doing half at a time because after each coat, you have to wait DAYS before you can go down there again.
maybe i should clean up the rest of my house that is riddled with spackle dust and snow boots :P


QuirkynBerkeley said...

It's kind of exciting to see each step of your process. That floor looks really good. Can't wait to see what you do with the next one!

GreenWorks said...

Your "tiled" floor looked amazing Sus! I'm sure whatever you do will be awesome looking ... but yep that's a lot of work!

susarto said...

thanks my lovely girlies! xo

Kreativlink said...

Hey! This will be a wonderful studio soon, wow! :)

susarto said...

thanks K! i'm so excited~~ can't wait :D