Sunday, February 21, 2010

presses and pulls (and stain stain and more stain...)

presses. that's what the irish folk call em. i don't know why cause they really don't press anything, but it is shorter to say than cabinet or cupboard :P

anyway, i have some! :D


you can't tell in the pics, but i bought those pulls. they are dark brown (not black) and have little bits of copper showing thru.
i got a doorknob for my door like that too.
matches the stain kinda sorta...

my husband is putting the doorknob on right now! :D

we didn't pick up the bottom presses yet. and the sink. but hopefully that will happen soon...

i was on staining duty again.
i woke up at 5am to get another coat of stain on the big cubbie thing from yesterday. i was hoping to get to varnish it too so they could hang them.
but...everything takes way longer than you think it will.

so i varnished the thing after going back to sleep for a few more hours ;)

this morning, my kidlet and i stained these shelves:


these were ikea shelves that i recently cut down. they were really tall. they are much easier to deal with at this height.

even shorter, it was a pain in the arse to stain. and now that i look at the photograph, all those little holes bug me. i guess a little brush might get in there...
i guess i'll stain the other ones tomorrow.

the husband finished while i was typing this, so here's the new doorknob! :D

still hard to tell the color, but you get the idea..
it looks better, dontcha think?

looks better door!

wrecked tired...
hope i am more organized tomorrow...


GreenWorks said...

It's getting there Sus! :)

But yep the finishing touches can take such a long time.

LOL @ the handles but in a good way cos that's your artists eye and perfectionist showing - I'd have settled for the first door handle - but you're right the 2nd one does look much better.

GreenWorks said...


Amg-Arts said...

You could get some dark wood filler and rub it into the holes that would sort them out.

I like her door handles, I have to say with doing up our old cottage I thought about putting on old style knobs on the doors there are knobs on them already but horrible brass ones and well when you have your hands full coming in and out of doors, I have learned door handles are better.

Oh and love the new presses great storage so far! :)


Absolutely Small said...

Wow! Your new studio is going to be stunning. And how jealous am I that you'll have your very own sink in there! That's fantastic.
The doorknob & cabinet pulls look great, btw. They look like they'll be perfect with those stained shelves!

QuirkynBerkeley said...

looks terrific!

susarto said...

thanks everyone!!! :D xo