Friday, February 26, 2010

slowly but surely...

i haven't been posting the last couple of days cause there is nothing exciting to really say. and no exciting pics to show you :(
but i have been organizing and moving things around SOME MORE. and getting rid of stuff...donate donate donate!

i did put stuff in my cubbies but i won't show you till later when i'm finished moving stuff around :P

and i painted that same part of the floor. second coat. on monday i'll tape it out and faux finish it. after varnishing that, i have to wait at least a week to put furniture on it. then i can do the other side :(
it's much easier to paint floors when there is nothing ON the floor!

oh, and i patched up holes with concrete mix today.
that stuff is deadly. and you have to work really REALLY fast!

we have been getting a bit of water in one spot of the basement and i'm hoping this will fix it!

only when it rains LOADS though. like it just did :P

i'm feeling a little bit more organized though. at least i know what's what and what is going where...

both of the galleries i had paintings in end their shows this weekend so i'll be running around picking stuff up and maybe having lunch at fadó again ;)



yoborobo said...

Hi Sus! Just stopping by to say hi and see how the studio is coming along. You sound busy. I am trying to de-clutter some here, and just bagged up 6 huge trash bags with clothes no one wears (and clothes I thought I was going to fit in again - lol!). It felt good to donate them and get them out of the house! Yehaw! Have a great weekend - xo Pam

susarto said...

thanks pam! we did that just before the studio stuff...sent all of our clothes off to haiti :) but i'm KEEPING the stuff i don't fit in because i am determined!!! ;)

have a great weekend yerself! x

TMCPhoto said...

I can't wait to see how it all looks. It must be so hard to wait for everything to dry so you can move on to the next...

If it looks anything like I'm imagining it's going to look awesome

susarto said...

it's SO hard to wait!!! and while the floor is drying i'm not real sure what else to do :/
i'm sure i can find something...

thanks! i will show you as soon as i see myself! hehe