Thursday, February 04, 2010

soon comes the fun part...

i have not posted for a couple of days cause i've been working!!!
priming the walls, really...
i am the painting department, so now it'll be mostly me working and the boys can relax a little? maybe.

more progress!

if you click on this pic, it will take you to my flickr photo page (i hope) where i put notes all over the place so you can see what's going on...

i'm getting so excited because all the fun stuff is coming soon!!!!
tomorrow i will be doing some final sanding on the bulk of the room and painting it. then i have to move all of my stuff to the painted end so we can work on the other side.
luckily, the unfinished side is much smaller than the almost finished side :D

i have an art opening tomorrow night, but they are calling for 6-12 inches of snow!
which is a total bummer, but we are going to have to wait till the afternoon to see what happens.

it may not get too bad till later on at night.

stupid snow.

the snow should stop sometime on saturday though, so hopefully there will be no problem with going to the OTHER opening on sunday.



yoborobo said...

Wow - it's coming along fabulously! I am so envious, but happy for you. AND you have TWO art openings? You are rocking! :))) Pam

susarto said...

thanks pam!!! :D
i'm getting ready to go down there and start painting!
i'm hoping they cancel the opening tonite...maybe make it for another night? eep!

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Wow, I can't believe how fast it's coming together!

susarto said...

it's starting to feel like forever now, quirk! i can't wait to work!!!