Monday, January 25, 2010

and then there was trouble...

maybe i shouldn't be left alone...

i was supposed to go down and move my stuff to the already drywalled area so they could drywall the rest of the room.

20 minutes in, all of the power in my house went out, so i worked in the (almost) dark till it came back on an hour later.

the power came on (and i swear, it was the storm and not anything i did to any outlets!)
and water started to seep in from our neighbors side (we are in a semi-attached house or a twin, like they call em here)
i had to move a bunch of canvases and stuff in a big hurry before they got wet :(
it normally doesn't happen unless it REALLY REALLY rains a whole big LOT!
but it really sucks when it does.
we have a french drain and a sumpump (is it a sump pump? or a sumpump?)
on the other side, but i have no control over what happens on the neighbor's side :/

THEN i started to smell some sort of gas. it was a propane torch that the boys were using for the pipes they had to move in the ceiling. the top musta got jostled. i wonder how long i was breathing that in?

what else?
OH! and there was something dripping from our boiler oil heat thing... i had to call the husband to come home from work and check it out!!!

and i pinched the bejeezus outta my finger with these death pliers my husband owns.

but i cut down two of my big shelving thingies so they aren't so tall. i think it makes it look less huge and looming...they both fit on the smallest of the new walls, and i think i will make them sort of my collections area ala mutter museum style.


maybe i'll make the whole basement mutter themed :D

i still have moving to do, but i think i still have all day tomorrow. phew.


Absolutely Small said...

Oh no. What a fun day you had! Gas and flooding and darkness and drips.
I'm enjoying catching up with your blog. Can't wait to see photos of the new studio! (I'm sure you can't wait, either. ^__^)

susarto said...

thank you miss claire :D and you are right! i can't wait either!!! :D

GreenWorks said...

Jeez good job you managed to rescue the canvasses. Are the neighbours friendly? Can you say to them about the flooding?

Cathie Joy Young said...

Good God! What a day- glad you are still intact.

susarto said...

thanks cathie! i'm glad too. seems to be a thing with me lately ;)

maura, the neighbors are lovely, but they have moved out! :O