Saturday, January 30, 2010


the bad news first.
the lights we got are not bright enough :(
my husband had put 6 or 7 of the 13 in and it was just too dark.

but he brought the ones he didn't put up back and exchanged them for others that
should be better. but now he has to put THOSE in and exchange the others.

today i went to the city to drop off paintings for 2 galleries.
when i came back, there was good news...



there is one on either side (was hard to get a good photo...).
one hides the electrical panel and the other hides the water pipes.
they are perfect because i will be able to store my fabric bins in there!!!

there will be a worktop connecting the two pretty soon :)


i was joking with them saying i wanted a toilet in there so i would never have
to go upstairs ;)

more spackling.
they say i will be able to paint the primer on by tuesday! :D

next weekend there will be two art openings. i am definitely showing 2 pieces in the one, and the other, i will find out tomorrow if they are accepted.
*crosses fingers*


GreenWorks said...

Ooh! It's looking great and starting to take shape!

Amg-Arts said...

....its getting close, I'd say you can't stop hopping up and down on the spot with excitment! Wait till you get it painted it will make it feel even 'more real' by then!