Friday, January 15, 2010

trains and gypsies

two new tiny ones!

"reading" is a square one. i love old trains, and we are lucky to have a sort of "train graveyard" nearby where i go often to take photos and stuff. they have a running steam engine that takes people out on a little tour (it's the one pictured here in the painting). i wish they still made them like that.

anyway, the painting is approximately 5" square on a wood panel with as much stuff on it as i could muster ;)


it is for sale in my etsy shop here.

the second one happened because i needed to draw something. it's been ages (seems) and sometimes i just gotta do it.
anyway, her name is "vadoma"
and she's on a wooden panel that is approximately 5" in diameter.
she's made with acrylic and ink and i used brass nails and upholstery tacks for extra fanciness ;)


she is also for sale in my etsy shop here.

in other news...i was NOT one of the 10 winners of the contest that i submitted most of my "survival" paintings to. they picked 8 (!!!) sculptors/installations and only 1 painter! there were over 2,100 people who entered, so i'm not too heartbroken, but i now need to find somewhere to show all of this work (besides my living room!)

also, i am bartering with a friend who is going to remodel my studio!!!! in exchange for some artwork. :D :D :D
construction starts next week, so i will have to move a lot of stuff out of here so he can tear my walls down and put up new ones.
he will make this room bigger and put up shelves, cabinets, and build a BIG work table! yay for bartering!!!!

i do not know how much work i will be able to do while this is all happening, but i will bring my computer and my sewing machine upstairs at least ;)



sassypackrat said...

I hope you'll show pictures of your new studio. I just love to see other people's creative spaces!

susarto said...

oh! i will! i was just talking to torann about putting it in her blog too!

it's so weird. i moved my computer and stuff upstairs. just feels weird to be up here...above ground. haha!