Tuesday, January 19, 2010

studio. day 2. ruh-roh!

i thought i'd surprize my husband today and tear down all of the paneling from the studio so he would only have to worry about the electrical stuff and whatever it is that they are going to do...but you know...so they can GET STARTED!!!

this is the ugly paneling (that i had painted) that i mentioned in the last post...

studio demoliton

studio demoliton

you see those little window things? they were for projectors i think. the old fella that lived here before us had it all set up down there like a big multi-media room....only it was all done in the 70's. all brown wood paneling...
he had this little wall thing built that you could walk behind because it held a t.v. and a stereo and stuff, and i think he had a big screen you could pull down to watch movies from the projectors (dirty movies, from what my neighbor tells me ;) )

i think i have a polaroid i took of it when we moved in. i will try to find it...

so this is what it looks like now...

studio demoliton

and the side wall...

studio demolition

so i was at the last piece of panel. and, you know, i had to unscrew all of the electrical outlet plates and fiddle with the thing so it would go through the paneling to get the paneling off.

that last piece was trouble because it was/is behind the radiator.
so i nearly had it, when all of the sudden... POP!!!! sparks came out of the outlet and now everything is dark! :O

studio demoliton
(the culprit)

i rang my husband (mr. electrician) who was less than happy with me for trying to do this all myself (which i should have known, but i am perfectly able to do things myself...well, almost.) and warned that i should now leave that alone and wait for him to do it.

my internet was actually what was plugged into that outlet before so i had to get a big extension cord and run it all the way upstairs to plug it in ;)

i did try to organize all of the stuff better and put plastic sheeting up...
studio demoliton studio demoliton
(see how it's dark down there now? hehe)

now i s'pose i should take all of that old paneling out and get it ready for the bin.

wish me luck for husband arrival time and that i don't get in too much trouble ;)


sassypackrat said...

Well aren't you a do-it-yourself Dotty? Too bad about the outlet. I would have done the same thing though, after all you were just trying to help!

everyeskimo said...

oh my god does that sound just like me and my better half! i can't stay out of trouble for the life of me. can't wait to watch the progress of your studio, how exciting!

siansburys said...

lol! ruh-roh!
i love how your 'outlet' looks like two horrified faces


susarto said...

sian! i never thought of that! it is horrified faces! i will never look at it the same way again!!!
(my face probably looked a little horrified too!)

sassypackrat and everyeskimo, i'm always doing this sort of stuff. it drives him MENTAL. he says we should have "planned that". i am not a planner at all! lol!!!

besides, once he sees i have started something, he feels compelled to help. then i get more done ;)

QuirkynBerkeley said...

It's gonna be great when you get it all done. Bravo to you for going after it!

susarto said...

yay! thanks quirk!!! jon was just here tonite to see how much "stuff" we need for the walls :D :D :D

i also found out that the hub will put whattayacallem....recessed lights all in the ceiling and some sort of lights above the worktops under the shelves :D

GreenWorks said...

LOl @ the oulet/horrfied faces- it is spot on!

Sus be careful!!! Electricity scares the life out of me.

This is so cool though to see before, during and after shots. the transofrmation sounds wonderful and so envious of you having that space. When you say celler dweller I imagined something much more primative - with you being confined down there between ceertain hours by the master of the house until you produced enough work to earn some gruel ;)

susarto said...

lol! gruel!!! electricity scares me too!