Tuesday, January 12, 2010

getting back to it...

the new year started off a little wonky.
i had some sort of weird cold thing going on...
but i've been feeling a bit better, so i made this:


it is for sale here where you can see more pics in the listing.

i also bought a new coat, that i think needed a lil' pin. so i thought...
i'll make one. like a little painting. because people ask me what i do, and i can just say "i make big ones of these" ;)

i made 3. to try it out. i messed one up a little (but i think i may have fixed the big problem) so two are alike (but different)

they are approximately 1.25" square, so the actual painting part is about 1" square.

pin - size reference

pin back

lil' pin #2

lil' pin #3

i think that working tiny is very difficult, but for some reason, i continue to torment myself. go figure.

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