Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the insulationator

the insulationator

now, you may think i look quite ridiculous, but i am indeed protected from the deadly insulation fiberglass bits that make people very itchy.

this is a tested insulationator suit, and it works very well.

what you need for full protection is:

1. long underwear. this is necessary for double protective leg coating. besides, it's flippin' january.

2. jeans. these are to cover said long underwear and are not as absorbent for the fiberglass bits.

3. long sleeved t-shirt

4. hoodie. and this is important...WITH the string intact. you will need the string to tighten the hood as snug as possible around your chin.

5. bandana of your color choice.

6. safety goggles. unfortunately, after great physical activity (which means if you are height-challenged and are installing insulation in a ceiling), you will become quite warm in your insulation suit, and your goggles will fog up. you may want to take a break when this happens. perhaps out of doors where you can breathe fresh air.

7. rubber gloves (preferably purple)

8. face mask. please note that these type of face masks are not made with bumpy nosed individuals in mind, and the mask will hurt after long periods of time. it will also leave a giant imprint upon your bump.

i finished putting the insulation up. drywall completion is due this evening...


Smree said...

LOL I love the outfit Su! Totally rockin'

GreenWorks said...

Ooooh all you need is zero gravity down there and float around like a kind of grunge astronautess :)

susarto said...

lol! thanks girls :D

Ruby Clover said...

This is like the view of the doctor that a newborn baby has coming out of its' mothers baby factory.

susarto said...

lol ruby!