Monday, January 18, 2010


well, here goes.

the studio tearing apart has begun. i was instructed to move everything i could along to one side of the basement so that the main part of the new walls could be built.
i have done all i can by myself, so the boys are going to have to start helping now with the heavier stuff...

this is basically what my studio DID look like before i tore it apart....even though this was taken a while ago, and surely it was even more cluttered...


can you see that back wall there? it isn't really a wall at all. i just stapled fabric onto the beams. there is insulation under there. it was ugly.

also, all along the wall on the left (that you can't see) is this ugly paneling that i had painted. that is getting torn out and drywall put up everywhere.

i need to put plastic all over all my stuff so it doesn't get the dreaded spackle dust all over everything....

i will take photos along the way. i can't wait till it's finished!!! :D


TMCPhoto said...

colour me lime green with jealousy. I would love love love me some studio space; that you are getting dry walled creative space is awesome. Looking forward to seeing all the work in progress and the finished room

susarto said...

thanks! i'm not so much looking forward to all the work in progress, but the finished room! yay!!!

i'll post what i can :D